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Law Firm in Izmir. What makes our firm unique is the people we represent and the people we work with.  Our clients trust us.  They don’t receive pointless advice that lacks business acumen.  We provide counsel as if we were in our clients’ shoes – because we have been. We understand our clients’ business position on a level that most others do not. Our clients speak to us first, without the worry of time and expense.  Our practice provides exceptional value, every time.

In litigation, we treat cases as if it were our own dollars being spent and at risk.  Because of this, we guide clients through early resolution opportunities and take a practical approach for each case, rather than blindly following a meaningless step list of actions, which is common practice within other firms.  We are thoroughly battle tested, trial ready and experienced where a particular case requires it. Football Player Lawyer in Turkey.

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International Divorce Lawyer in Izmir. In practice, that wouldn’t be wrong in saying that there are 2 main type of divorce in Turkey, namely uncontested (settlement agreement) divorce and contested (disputed) divorce.

Disputed divorce implies that one of the spouses files a divorce case because of the conflicts with the other party without having a settlement over the consequences of the divorce. In this type of divorce in Turkey, judge hears the applicant’s claims and collect all the arguments and evidences. Under Turkish divorce law practice, verbal witness statements are at crucial importance for the judgment. In the course of judgment, judge aims to find out which spouse is in fault (if both which one is more) and whose acts lead to a divorce.

The uncontested divorce would be in case where both of the spouses agree to finish the marriage and they are in full consensus of the consequence of the divorce, such as custody, alimony etc.

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